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Celebrating Valentine's Day in the Office: Fostering Love and Appreciation in the Workplace

The atmosphere at the Lacerta Group offices was filled with love as we commemorated Valentine's Day with a heartfelt event focused on honoring and valuing each other. Our Human Resources team went above and beyond to spread joy by gifting chocolates and pastries to every employee, infusing sweetness and cheer throughout the entire day. In tribute to our amazing female colleagues, a unique beauty consultation was arranged, guaranteeing that everyone felt indulged and recognized on this momentous occasion. Moreover, a "freedom wall" was set up to allow individuals to share uplifting and clever Valentine's messages, building a strong sense of unity and optimism within the workplace.

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to our exceptional team members from JGB, PICSI, FTM, LGSI, CKAT, BMSSI, LSAPI, and LSSI for receiving the delightful gifts from our HR department. Let's join hands in continuing to foster a workplace where love, respect, and gratitude for each other flourish. 🍫💕



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