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Case Studies

Construction Site

Global Linings
Global Fire

Home and commercial facilities construction

New Zealand

In response to New Zealand's building boom, JGB Associates played a crucial role in sourcing and delivering top-tier manpower solutions to support the expansion plans of Global Linings Limited and Global Fire Limited, ensuring smooth operations amidst a high-demand market.

Services Provided:
Sourcing and matching skilled candidates with the specific requirements of our clients.

Challenge: Our task was to identify and recruit skilled candidates who could contribute effectively to Global Linings and Global Fire's operations amidst the labor shortage. We aimed to find candidates who not only possessed the required skills but also aligned with the companies' values and ethos.

Solution: We took a personalized approach to understand the unique requirements and values of Global Linings and Global Fire. Leveraging our expertise in recruitment and commitment to ethical business practices, we conducted a targeted search to find candidates who were a perfect fit for the companies.

Results: Global Linings and Global Fire successfully addressed their staffing challenges and secured qualified employees to support their business expansion. Our timely recruitment efforts enabled the companies to meet their delivery targets and continue serving their clients effectively despite the labor shortage in the construction industry.

Image by Scott Graham


Recruitment and Staffing

New Zealand

Navigating the intricate process of Filipino Exit Visa applications, JGB Associates provided invaluable support to VisaMaxNZ and RecruitmaxNZ Limited, ensuring seamless documentation and candidate management, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

Services Provided:
Visa Documentation and Candidate Management

Challenge: The primary challenge for VisaMaxNZ and RecruitmaxNZ was navigating the intricate Filipino Exit Visa application process and ensuring seamless candidate management to meet the demands of their clients in New Zealand.

Solution: JGB Associates played a crucial role in assisting VisaMaxNZ and RecruitmaxNZ in achieving their business goals by providing invaluable support in managing visa documentation and candidate management. Our understanding of regulations, policies, and local networks enabled us to streamline processes and deliver exceptional service.

Results: The collaboration between VisaMaxNZ and RecruitmaxNZ and JGB Associates on visa documentation and candidate management has been ongoing for years now. Our dedication to providing excellent service and our commitment to supporting our fellow Filipinos have facilitated smoother processes and enhanced outcomes for VisaMaxNZ and RecruitmaxNZ and their clients in New Zealand

Image by Jeriden Villegas

Global Employment

Recruitment and Staffing

New Zealand

JGB Associates' unwavering dedication and expertise supported Global Employment Ltd in overcoming recruitment challenges, ensuring a steady flow of qualified candidates and contributing to the company's growth and success in the New Zealand job market.

Services Provided:
Visa Documentation and Candidate Management

Challenge: Global Employment, Ltd. faced challenges in finding the right candidates for their overseas job vacancies while ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards. They needed a reliable partner to assist them in navigating the recruitment process and matching them with qualified candidates.

Solution: JGB proved to be a game-changer for Global Employment by providing unmatched professionalism and expertise in overseas employment. The team guided Global Employment through every step of the recruitment process, ensuring smooth sailing and peace of mind.

Results: Global Employment, Ltd. successfully secured suitable candidates for their overseas job vacancies. The partnership with JGB not only streamlined the recruitment process but also ensured compliance with the highest standards of safety and welfare for the workers.

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I highly recommend JGB to others seeking recruitment and candidate management assistance. JGB's team provide personalised solutions. Their in-depth knowledge of exit-visa and recruitment procedures and dedication to client satisfaction make them a trusted partner in achieving goals for us and our mutual clients. - Bevan O'Connor, Director

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