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Your All-in-One, Streamlined, No-Risk
Recruitment Partner

Experience professional, responsible, and hassle-free consultancy solutions tailored to your unique needs at JGB Associates. We prioritize understanding our clients' needs, ensuring a personalized approach to deliver customized manpower solutions. With us, there's no risk involved, as we offer a one-stop process that includes assistance with permits, visas, and residency abroad, without any additional membership or placement fees.


Whether you need a customized staffing search or pre-selected candidates, we have the best solution for you.

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JGB Staffing Solutions
Top-notch professional consultancy and recruitment solutions tailored to your industry needs.

At JGB, we customize our staffing and recruiting services to match your requirements. We guide you through the hiring process, from examining and evaluating your staffing needs to providing on-site support for smooth candidate deployment. Our comprehensive services ensure an effortless hiring experience.​


Staffing Requests and Selection: We help clients identify and hire the best employees for their organizations. We review the principal's staffing needs, identify suitable candidates, and select the most qualified individuals based on established criteria and the specific requirements of the organization. 


Recruitment and Accreditation:​ We actively seek out and recruit exceptional individuals through targeted advertising and field campaigns. For clients, we guide them through the accreditation process by managing their applications and ensuring they meet all requirements.

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Assistance and Career Guidance: We offer guidance and assistance with travel logistics, providing support and resources upon arrival or return, and enhancing career prospects through guidance, training, and skills development programs.

Shortlisting and Re-Hiring Assistance:​​ We help companies find and narrow down candidates who meet their specific needs, as well as bring back former employees to maintain a consistent and smooth operation during transitions.

JGB Ready Recruit
JGB READY RECRUIT logo with key qualities
JGB-Ready Recruit
Quality Talent, Ready to Hire.
Streamlined, pre-approved candidate bundles for efficient hiring.

JGB-Ready Recruit makes it easy to find the best candidates without the hassle. Our qualified and pre-approved recruits are ready to join your team, saving you time and effort. With us, you can bypass lengthy hiring processes and instantly enhance your workforce with top performers.

Convenient and Efficient: Swift sourcing, screening, and presentation of candidates.

One-Stop Solution: Comprehensive staffing solutions across diverse industries.

Pre-certified Candidates: Rigorous processes ensuring candidates meet high industry standards. Skills validation and verification pre-aligned with client needs. ​

Trusted Industry Partner: Benefit from JGB's proven track record and demonstrated success in placements worldwide.

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Our Focused Industries

Our core focus is serving key sectors like construction, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, and healthcare. We also value flexibility and are very eager to expand our offerings to other industries based on customer needs and emerging market opportunities.

Construction site

Construction and Engineering


Providing skilled labor for construction projects, including carpenters, masons, welders, architects, and engineers.

See how our approach resulted to
successful partnerships.

Interested in seeing how we apply our recruitment services in practical settings? Explore our case studies to see how we craft solutions that adapt to the unique requirements of various industries.

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