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JGB Associates Welcomes Partners from Japan

JGB Associates Inc. recently had the honor of hosting a delegation of esteemed partners from Japan at our Manila office. Companies such as Matsuda Tekko Co., Ltd., Kadokura Sendan Industry Co., Ltd., Ariko Co., Ltd., and Fujita Iron Works Co., Ltd. visited us for a day of productive discussions and collaborative interviews with prospective applicants.

Throughout the day, we jointly conducted interviews with skilled Filipino candidates for potential opportunities in the manufacturing sector in Japan. These face-to-face meetings allowed our Japanese partners to assess the qualifications and capabilities of the applicants and discuss future employment opportunities. It was an enriching experience for all parties, reinforcing our commitment to facilitating seamless connections between global employers and Filipino talent.

At JGB Associates, our history of delivering excellence in global workforce solutions is well-established. For over four decades, we have been dedicated to providing top-quality recruitment services across various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and more. Our focus on understanding client needs and sourcing the best talent ensures successful outcomes for both employers and employees.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with our partners from Japan and exploring new avenues for skilled Filipinos in the manufacturing industry. Together, we will strive to achieve mutual success and create a positive impact on the global job market.


Stay connected with us for updates on their progress and more exciting career opportunities. Visit our website at and follow our official Facebook page.



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