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Lacerta Group celebrates Father's Day, June Birthdays, and FTMBPSI's 34th Year Anniversary

Last week, the Lacerta Group held a wonderful celebration to honor Father's Day, our June birthday celebrants, and the 34th anniversary of FTM Brokerage and Port Services, Inc. (FTMBPSI).

FTMBPSI has been an important player in the Philippine logistics industry for 34 years, offering reliable customs brokerage, cargo handling, and logistics services across major Philippine ports. Their services include cargo surveying, tariff consulting, trucking, import/export, and cargo consolidation.

The event featured delicious food and a warm atmosphere. The management team expressed gratitude and highlighted the significance of these milestones. It was a truly memorable occasion, bringing everyone together to honor the contributions of our fathers, celebrate June birthdays, and commemorate over three decades of excellence by FTMBPSI.

As we conclude this celebration, let's continue to embrace the spirit of gratitude, camaraderie, and excellence. Here's to many more years of success and shared memories!



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