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DMW reports more jobs for OFWs

October 12, 2022

In a report, Migrant Workers Secretary Susan Ople said based on data gathered by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), 255,429 workers landed jobs abroad in the first 100 days of the Marcos administration.

A Kiwi's Life for Me: Your Guide to a Working Holiday in New Zealand 

by JADE LANSING Published16 November 2017

Let’s be honest: ever since you saw Lord of the Rings, you’ve been dying to visit the “Real Middle Earth.” There’s no shame it in, New Zealand’s epic landscapes need to be seen to be believed! Add in quaint hillside houses, a literal shitton of sheep, and a bunch of friendly folks in gumboots and jandals, and you’ve got yourself a totally dreamy destination. Being a tad on the expensive side, a working holiday in New Zealand is an amazing way to explore this isolated island in the South Pacific without watching your bank account dwindle. Goodbye, Northern Hemisphere—Hello, fully-funded travel!

Why is working abroad so popular?

Working abroad is already a popular choice for many people. Indeed, last year 207,000 British people left the country permanently or semi-permanently. So why is working abroad so popular? It presents many significant advantages, especially if you are working in a niche academic subject and are struggling to find work in your home country. With the economy becoming more unstable, working abroad may well become the only option for some who want to work in a specific field. Even a short stint abroad can be beneficial - it can have advantages for your long term career, and it can expand your cultural horizons.

Overseas Filipinos Worldwide (OFW) Empowerment

The Consular Outreach Missions or “Embassy On Wheels” popularly known as “EOW” that are currently implemented by our Philippine Embassy in Riyadh and Philippine Consulate in Jeddah is an effort to bring its services closer to OFWs. The services include  Passport Services (new, renewal, releasing, extension), Notarials, Authentication and Certifications, Police clearance Endorsement, Civil Registry and among others.

The EOW provides services to those OFWs in far flung areas in the eastern and the western Region of Saudi Arabia where there are many OFWs.  Main cities in this regions are chosen as venue for the EOW and the online appointment was set up to avail the services.

However, our blog received numerous negative comments about our fellow OFWs expectations when in comes to the online booking appointment for passport related services.

Let us just be considerate that Saudi Arabia is hosting almost a million OFWs and the lack of bigger venue may be the reason why our consular outreach program cannot accommodate those OFWs wishing to have their passport renewed. A quota or a number of confirmed appointment is necessary and that is why the schedule for consular outreach through online appointment is usually full for about two to three months in advance. In my understanding once it is full,  the online appointment system is block for those who wish to avail the system.  

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