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JGB ASSOCIATES, INC. opens its door to offer the following services :

  • Review and evaluation of manpower request given by the principal

  • Advertisement and Field Recruitment

  • Shortlisting of candidates as per requirements

  • Arrangement for final interview and selection by the employer

  • Selection of finest candidates on behalf of employers

  • Accreditation of principal/employer

  • Documentation and processing of selected candidates

  • Facilitates re-hiring of previous employees

JGB ASSOCIATES, INC.'s  value added services :

  • Travel arrangements and assistance for returning OFW's

  • Career guidance and skills enhancement for applicants

  • On-site assistance

Our Clients

The technical expertise and experience of key JGB personnel in construction operations and 

management assures the client of maximum efficiency and productivity without sacrificing the quality of manpower productivity output.

Reach Out

500 Terry Francois St. San Francisco, CA 94158


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